Worship Themes for February

February 5   Matthew 5: 13-20
Title/Theme:  Losing Your MoJo
Burnout, Tired, Passionless, Far From God – all of these are prevalent in the modern church – but they were also present in the ancient church. How do we keep or regain our passion for the Gospel? What inspiration can we find from Jesus’ sermon?
February 12 Matthew 5: 21-32
Title/Theme:  Love vs Lust
February 14 is a day set apart for lovers – but in this day of being a “throw away society” love sometimes gets skewed into somethings else.  How do we work through tough stuff? How do we still love the unlovable in Jesus’ name?
February 19 Mathew 5:33-48
Title/Theme:  Actually Following Jesus
When we look at the artwork of Jesus through the ages we get a mental image of a blond haired blue eyed pacifist who carries sheep around with him. But Jesus was a true radical in his day -questioning traditions, questioning the authority,and questioning Old Testament Laws that he viewed as unjust.
February 26 Matthew 17:1-9
Title/Theme:  Transformation for Us
When we accept Christ into our hearts and lives, how are we changed?  What do we do different now that we follow Jesus than we did before?  How do we invite others to change their lives and be changed in the process?