Hanging of the Greens

Enjoy a celebration of entering the holiday season with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.  We will be decorating the church through songs, symbols, and sharing of the story of Christ’s arrival. Start you Christmas season with us at 10 am on Sunday, November 25th.  Can’t wait to see you.

Carry Your Bible Everywhere

Do you wish to be able to read your Bible anywhere?  Do you have a smartphone and carry it everywhere?  Why not combine the two and add the app for You Version.  This is one of the most diverse and easy to use apps for the Bible.  Use it during worship to follow scripture or see a different version of the scripture.  Use it while you wait for appointments. Use it anywhere, everyday, and for their different Bible studies.  Here is some information https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/

RC Youth Group Workcamp returns

Rush County Youth Group Workcamp Inc. will sponsor another Work Camp July 7, 2019 through July 13, 2019.

The group will do home repairs at no cost to the residents. Those jobs will include porch repair/construction, wheelchair ramp repair/construction, painting, weatherization and mobile home skirting. There are pictures on the bulletin boards in the sanctuary where you can see some of the projects we have done in the past. We are asking that anyone who needs or who knows of anyone who needs help to pick up an application in the Church office. If you have any questions, see Monty Howell for more information.

 Image result for Group workcamp

Youth Sunday-November 18th

The youth and children of St. Paul’s will present a puppet program for Youth Sunday on November 18 (The Sunday before Thanksgiving) during the 10:00 a.m. service. This will be the only youth and children program during the holiday season, so there will not be a children’s Christmas pageant this year. If your child or youth is interested in participating and you have not let Linda Petty know, please let her know now at lindakpetty@gmail.com or 317-919-9657. If someone wants to participate, but doesn’t know their schedule yet, please let Linda know, and she will work with you finding something for a last minute addition. A practice will be scheduled during the week before the program.  

Adopt-A-Child Christmas

Adopt-A-Child Christmas: We now have the list of families who are especially needy this Christmas. The kids’ Christmas tree will be put up in the Sanctuary with tags listing needs for each child. Tags may be  chosen by members of the congregation. After unwrapped gift items are returned to the church, we will then have a wrapping party with the parents in December 15th.  

All Saints

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, we will celebrate the lives of those who have touched our lives through their

participation in our church.
All Saints Day is a time-honored Holy Day of the ancient Christian Church. United Methodists have gathered to observe this day for many years. This day is one of healing and hopefulness, and filled with God’s passion. By recognizing the common denominator that we all share in the loss of loved ones, many have expressed an appreciation for the opportunity to remember their loved ones in this worship service.


Newsletter Renamed

Notice anything different?  The Circuit Writer has just been posted to the webpage.  The name change reflects the addition of Glenwood, New Salem, and Wesley United Methodist Churches to the St Paul’s charge.  Pastor Roy is now covering a four-point charge with the addition of Rebecca Milne at his side.  The hope is that news from all four churches will be reflected in the Circuit Writer newsletter.  It is important for you, the members of these churches, to get information to the St Paul’s office by the 15th of each month either via email ( stpaulsrushville@gmail.com ) or by mail.  The newsletter is under the media tab each month.


Gleaners Mobile Pantry will be in Milroy this Saturday, September 1st between 10:00 am and 12:00. This will be the last Milroy distribution this year.
Gleaners will visit Rushville on Sept 10th due to Labor Day.
Please remember to bring your own boxes or containers.

Welcome Pastor Rebecca!

St. Paul’s is now part of a Four-Point Charge.  What does that mean?  St Paul’s will join with Wesley UMC, New Salem UMC, and Glenwood UMC to share Pastor Roy in supporting the congregations and in worship.  The plus side of this change is we all gained Rebecca Milne as part of our congregations.  Roy and Rebecca will team up to alternate churches monthly.  The pairing is Wesley and St Paul’s or Glenwood and New Salem. Rebecca is at St Paul’s for the month of August.  See the Epistle to learn more about Rebecca.