Worship Themes for December

December 4-2nd Sunday in Advent-Peace
Scripture:Luke 2:8-14
Sharing the Good News of Peace
As the angels come to share the good news to the
shepherds we get a feeling of peace. Peace from
being out in the wilderness, peace of the news itself,
peace of God’s blessings. What in this season of hustle and bustle brings us peace?
December 11-3rd Sunday in Advent-Joy
Luke 2: 15-20
Title/Theme:  The Joy of Birth
Jesus is born and theshepherds arrive, wonder and amazement fill the
stable and Mary treasures these words and ponders
them in her heart. What in this gives us true joy?
And, what is the difference between Joy and SimpleHappiness?
December 18-4th Sunday in Advent-Love
Matthew 1:18-25
The Demonstration of Love
Another version of the birth of Jesus-this one tells more
details of Jesus’ name and the details around the true
sacrifice of Joseph and his Love for Mary, Jesus, and
especially God. Who, or what, do we love so much
that we are willing to sacrifice everything to protect?
What is unconditional Love and how does it truly
affect our lives?
December 25-Christmas Day
Luke 2:22-33
What a Christmas Present-We probably got and gave many Christmas presents this
holiday season. The forgiveness of sin through Jesus
is the one true gift that we are all given. Let us hear
the story of Jesus being presented in the temple and
the reaction of Simeon as he was given the gift of