Vacation Bible School is here!

St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School,

HERO CENTRAL: Discover Your Strength in God!

May 30&31 and June 1& 2; 9:00 to 11:45 a.m.


The kids will have four mornings packed with fun and adventures alongside some of their favorite Bible heroes and discover the

qualities that make us truly heroic in God! Watch our church transform into an exciting center full of little super heroes. The Super Sonic Leaders and Super Hero Guides will take the Heroes on their adventures with Marvelous Music, Courageous Crafts, Faithfinders Bible Stories, Victory Games, Super Snacks and Spectacular Science!  Flame the Red Panda puppet will have daily appearances with Captain Shield at Hero Headquarters to set the stage for each Bible Story, Hero Code and Hero Verse to:  Do Good! Seek Peace! And Go After It!

We don’t want anyone to miss all the fun and excitement. Tuesday’s color is red, and transportation will be provided from the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Invite friends to come along! There will be classes for children that have just
completed kindergarten through 6th grade. 
Registration forms are available in the church office, sanctuary, on our website , and at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Everyone is welcome!  
VBS 1  (front)   VBS 2  (back)