Reunion Cookbook Collection

Do you like looking at recipes and remembering the people who made them? Do you like trying new recipes?  The best of all of our past cookbooks (1924-?) as a Reunion collection will be created along with many new recipes. If you missed out on the last cookbook in 2010 or the previous one, now would be your chance to suggest recipes you want included or add new ones you have discovered. Also, if you have any of the previous cookbooks prior to the 1998 or 2010 ones that could be borrowed, please let us know. Questions: contact Deby Priddy or Robin Sowder at The hope is to have these treasures available by December for gifting.

​Your help can be as easy as typing into an online connection and submitting, but we need everyone’s help in getting this done.
Start adding your new favorite recipes by going to:
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