Vacation Bible School (VBS) is back!

St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School, Surf Shack: Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love, will be held June 6 through 10, 2016 from 9:00 to 11:45 a.m.
Please contact
  • Linda Petty (938-2145)
  • Julie Wainwright (932-7161)
  • Anne Zachery (932-3790)
to let them know how you would like to help!
Surf Shack


It’s a Picnic!

Our Annual Church Picnic!
Mark your calendar for July 10th and join your church family at the Petty Farm for a pitch-in
dinner at 4:00 p.m. Sunday evening, July 10, 2016. If the weather is nice,
people can enjoy the outdoors with the farm animals and pond, or they
may opt to gather inside to play games or just visit. More information will follow.
Please come and enjoy Christian Fellowship with your church family!
Certainly, guests are welcome!
Inviting friends to a church party is a great way to also invite them to come to church

Missions Blankets the World

St. Paul’s will partner with Church World Service Blankets+ on Sunday, April 17th.  A five dollar donation to the Blankets+ fund will purchase a blanket for a family left homeless by a disaster. Donations to this fund may also help provide equipment and services so that people in need around the world can help themselves. Information about the Blankets+ fund along with a donation envelope will be included with the bulletin on April 17th so that you have anopportunity to give to this project.  Covering the world one blanket at a time.

Lenten Men’s Breakfast

Our United Methodist Men’s Lenten Breakfast will be at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday, March 19, in St. Paul’s dining room.

Phil Mitchell will give a Lenten Message. All the Methodist men in Rush County are invited. Please bring a friend.
It’s a great time for conversation and good fellowship.
If you would like to help cook you may come around 6:30 a.m.

Our Newsletter

Each month a newsletter is publish on this website.  There is also a print version that is mailed out to those who do not have access to the Internet.  If you prefer to still receive the print version please let the church office know at 765-932-3777.  The Epistle will also be available in the back of the sanctuary.  If you have something that you would like to have appear in the Epistle please email or mail your information to the church office prior to the 15th of each month to assure that it appears in the next issue.  The Epistle

Scholarship Time

College isn’t cheap, but St Paul’s is here to help our college bound members.  Each year we offer the opportunity for our college bound and returning undergraduate members to apply for a scholarship.  Sometimes it is only $50 while other times it is up to $900.  There aren’t a lot of strings attached, but you must fill out the application by March 31st and write a short essay.  We also would like to ask you to commit to helping St Paul’s when you are back home either for a break or during the summer.  Vacation Bible School always needs help as does Hope Spot, the Food Pantry, and many other areas of the church.  Just ask!  Attached is a PDF and a word document.  The Word document will allow you to type in the document.   Happy Methodist-ing.

Lent is almost here!!

Now that the Iowa Causes are behind us we can breath and look forward to the time period known as Lent.  It begins with what society has come to call Fat Tuesday, Mardi Grau Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or what ever you remember.
At one time Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday was considered the day to eat as much as you wanted, of what you wanted.  When Ash Wednesday came it was time to give up something we enjoy eating or doing for Lent.  It was thought that the longer we did without this one item we would find our way to become closer to God.  The space within us that once took up enjoying a certain food or activity would be made available for God to come into our lives. 
Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  The ashes are typically taken from the dried palm branches of the Palm Sunday of the year before.  So the palm branches we used to celebrate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on the donkey were now burned and placed on our forehead.  They are an outward and visible sign that Jesus died for us.  It is the one time in the year we boldly reflect our faith without saying a word, the sign in on our forehead.  Some churches will hold a service early in the morning so the ashes can be worn all day.  Some churches will hold a service at noon and many churches will hold the service in the evening.  It is a way of agreeing to walk with Jesus through the days of Lent and to the cross on Good Friday where he dies once again for us.
At St. Paul’s Fat Tuesday is celebrated on February 9 with a Pancake meal served at 6:00 and the High School Jazz Band will share some wonderful music at 7:00.  It is a free will offering and you are welcome to join us.
Ash Wednesday will be honored at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 10.
Hope you will join us on this journey.  Have a blessed day.
The Call of Paul, The Apostle
The Call by Adam Hamilton will be our guide for the next 12 weeks.  Join St Paul’s for this interesting chronological journey by the Apostle Paul.  Each week the sermon will be centered around Paul as he spread the Christian faith.  Hamilton applies these messages and lesson to our modern day lives.  The Friendship adult class will be studying this book as will small groups that are being formed.

Alphie Tree in the Courtyard

There is a Christmas Tree in the church courtyard that is an Alphie Tree.  It is a tree that has held, and still does somewhat, food to feed the birds this winter.  Because of the winds and rain some of the food has fallen to the ground around the tree.  If you would like to add popcorn, cranberries or peanut butter coated pine cones, please do.  It is there as a reminder that all are a part of God’s glorious creation.  We offer food to the creatures that winter may take away with the weather. 
Please feel free to stop and enjoy the tree or add food to the tree.  The birds who have found safety in the tree would appreciate your offering.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A friend of mine who taught in the Spiritual Formation Academy is participated in passed this week.  Robert Mulholland, Jr.  I offer to you words of wisdom shared in one of his books, Invitation to a Journey:  A Road Map for Spiritual Formation –
Everyone is in a process of spiritual formation.  We are being shaped into either the wholeness of the image of Christ or a horribly destructive caricature of that image – destructive not only to ourselves but also to others, for we inflict our brokenness upon them. . . . The direction of our spiritual growth infuses all we do with intimations of either Life or Death.
We are all on a spiritual journey together.  Our brokenness many times becomes more apparent in this time of celebration of the birth of Jesus anew into our lives.  May God’s healing, Jesus’ love and the presence of the Holy Spirit bless you abundantly this season and in return may you be a blessing to others as we seek to be the image of Christ for the world

Church in the Park

Join St Paul’s United Methodist for Church in the Park
In September @ 10:30  (WATCH FOR A DATE)
We will meet at South Veteran’s Memorial Park by the Gazebo
to worship and celebrate God’s glory
We will make a joyful noise for all to hear.
Join us, bring a lawn chair, then stay a little longer
for good food and fellowship.
Bring a side dish to share,
but don’t worry if you forget, because there is always plenty to eat.
See You In The Park