Lent is almost here!!

Now that the Iowa Causes are behind us we can breath and look forward to the time period known as Lent.  It begins with what society has come to call Fat Tuesday, Mardi Grau Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or what ever you remember.
At one time Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday was considered the day to eat as much as you wanted, of what you wanted.  When Ash Wednesday came it was time to give up something we enjoy eating or doing for Lent.  It was thought that the longer we did without this one item we would find our way to become closer to God.  The space within us that once took up enjoying a certain food or activity would be made available for God to come into our lives. 
Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  The ashes are typically taken from the dried palm branches of the Palm Sunday of the year before.  So the palm branches we used to celebrate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on the donkey were now burned and placed on our forehead.  They are an outward and visible sign that Jesus died for us.  It is the one time in the year we boldly reflect our faith without saying a word, the sign in on our forehead.  Some churches will hold a service early in the morning so the ashes can be worn all day.  Some churches will hold a service at noon and many churches will hold the service in the evening.  It is a way of agreeing to walk with Jesus through the days of Lent and to the cross on Good Friday where he dies once again for us.
At St. Paul’s Fat Tuesday is celebrated on February 9 with a Pancake meal served at 6:00 and the High School Jazz Band will share some wonderful music at 7:00.  It is a free will offering and you are welcome to join us.
Ash Wednesday will be honored at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 10.
Hope you will join us on this journey.  Have a blessed day.
The Call of Paul, The Apostle
The Call by Adam Hamilton will be our guide for the next 12 weeks.  Join St Paul’s for this interesting chronological journey by the Apostle Paul.  Each week the sermon will be centered around Paul as he spread the Christian faith.  Hamilton applies these messages and lesson to our modern day lives.  The Friendship adult class will be studying this book as will small groups that are being formed.